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  1. Lynx

    January 12 - Bot Working Again

    Just letting everyone know I have fixed the issue with the bot posting an announcement more then once if someone replies to a post. So commands like /discord will work again now.
  2. Lynx

    January 12 - Live Map

    :tada: The updates for January 12th are as follows :tada: Fixed /psort self placing items in your hot bar Now it works as expected and only sorts the top part of the inventory Fixed the lottery not claiming tickets We now have a live map :D View it at The map will render as...
  3. Lynx

    Create Custom Tools

    Hello great people, it's time we start creating custom enchanted items that you will be able to receive through voting, events, or other forms. This is your chance to create the tool you've always wanted. You can use Vanilla Enchantments or Custom Enchantments. If you use any of the Event...
  4. Lynx

    January 10

    :tada: The updates for January 10th are as follows :tada: Fixed trapdoors and other new 1.13 wood items not being protected from outsiders Announcements will be auto posted to discord by the bot Threads created in Marketplace will be announced in the #market discord
  5. Lynx

    January 7

    :tada: The updates for January 7th are as follows :tada: Lottery tickets won't expire anymore No more physical lottery tickets because they keep causing problems Might be re-added at a later date or physical tickets you have could become rare items Tickets will be auto claimed when a player...
  6. Lynx

    December 30

    :snowflake: Thanks to everyone that participated in the Winter Event. :snowflake: Congratulations to ZelkyZed and JRam116 for finding all the missing presents. Please vote on this thread to choice what igloo you like best. You may vote for your own igloo if you wish too. Snowball Fight and...
  7. Lynx

    Igloo Competition

    It's hard to screenshot and show the builds here so please go to /warp and click Event. This poll will end in 2 days on January 2nd.
  8. Lynx

    December 29

    :tada: The updates for December 29th are as follows :tada: Fixed /discord not working Each lottery ticket now adds an additional 600 instead of 1000 Lottery now sorts the draw and ticket numbers in ascending order Lottery tickets now only need to contain any of the draw numbers in no specific...
  9. Lynx

    Night Vis from Pet Beacons

    This is a restored post written by Dark. So I was playing around with my pet and the beacons that were available. What I did not see was night vision. I think this would be a good idea for people like miners that don't want to waste resources on torches. Its a pain in the butt to see in the...
  10. Lynx

    Custom Recipes

    Leather Saddle Horse Armor You can replace the iron with gold or diamond to get those horse armor as well. Gravel Nether Wart Block ⇢ Nether Wart Blue Ice ⇢ Packed Ice Packed Ice ⇢ Ice Smooth Stone
  11. Lynx


    How To Get a Pet It's up to you to find the mob you want and capture it as a pet. Once you found the mob you want it must meet it's leash requirements. You can see each mobs leash requirement here on the wiki. Once your mob has met the leash requirements you just hit your mob with a lead. After...
  12. Lynx

    Town Warps

    Town warps is a free feature available to everyone that owns a town. Each town can have up to 10 warps. Commands /twarp - View your town warps. /twarp public - View public town warps. /twarp create <name> - Create a warp. /twarp remove <name> - Remove a warp. /twarp removeall - Remove all your...
  13. Lynx

    Chat Emotes

    Text Emotes :shrug: = ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ :fliptable: = (╯°□°)╯︵┻━┻ :unfliptable: = ┬─┬◡ノ(°-°ノ) :disapprove: = ಠ_ಠ :happy: = ◠‿◠ :happy2: = ◕‿◕ :happy3: = ʘ‿ʘ :cat: = ฅ^•ᴗ•^ฅ :creep: = (°ᴗ°) :what: = (☉_☉) :sleep: = (ᴗ_ᴗ) :facepalm: = (-_ლ) :why: = ლ(ಠ_ಠლ) :angry: = (◣_◢) :mustache: = (ˇ෴ˇ) :cantunsee: =...
  14. Lynx

    What is ClearLag

    ClearLag is a plugin we use to help prevent lag caused by mass amounts of entities. What does is clear? Every 30 minutes it clears the following. Falling Blocks Ground Items Experience Orbs Unoccupied Boats It also removes every mob except the following. Elder Guardian Ender Dragon Ghast...
  15. Lynx

    LWC Batch Mode

    Tired of having to unlock or add your friends to every chest? Now you can do so with one command. Enter /lwcbatch toggle to toggle batch mode. You cannot open chests when you have batch mode on. You can have up to 20 chests in your selection (double chests count as one). Left clicking a chest...
  16. Lynx

    Chest Sorting

    Type /chestsort to toggle chest sorting. When you toggle with the command above it will also sort shulker boxes when you close them. You come back from building a redstone masterpiece and dump the extra crap in the first chest you see. You then slam the chest shut and come back later to find...
  17. Lynx

    Sleep Voting

    Anyone can start a sleep vote with /sleepvote When there is a sleep vote going you can vote with the same command or enter a bed. You can only start a vote when it is night time in-game. You can only start a vote in Main and Resource World.
  18. Lynx

    Item Pickup Filter

    You can use this feature to prevent picking up certain items. You can purchase this for 40K from the Perk Shop. You can have up to 9 items in the item filter. Use /itemfilter open to open the menu. Click an item in your inventory to add it. Click an item in the filter menu to remove it...
  19. Lynx

    Mob Spawner Rituals

    This guide will teach you how to get mob spawners. You'll need 16 Iron Bars and 1 Tripwire Hook. Perform Ritual Surround the mob in a 2 high cage using the iron bars Get the mob to at least half health Now right click the mob with a tripwire hook If the ritual fails you'll get a message...
  20. Lynx

    December 17

    :tada: The updates for December 17th are as follows :tada: Use NPC instead of signs for RTP at the resource spawn Just right click the hot air balloon pilot Made the discord confirm code clickable which puts it in chat so it can be copied Fixed players not having permission to use chestsort...