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January 7
Tada The updates for January 7th are as follows Tada
  • Lottery tickets won't expire anymore
  • No more physical lottery tickets because they keep causing problems
    • Might be re-added at a later date or physical tickets you have could become rare items
  • Tickets will be auto claimed when a player connects to the server
  • Tickets will be auto claimed when the draw happens
    • If it doesn't show a message for you then you didn't have any winning tickets
  • Claiming tickets shows a cumulative message instead of a message for each ticket
  • Removed the /lottery claim command
  • Added /lwcbatch clear to clear your selection instead of having to disable and re-enable it
  • Added /itemfilter reverse that puts the filter in reverse mode
    • Reverse mode only picks up items in the filter
    • Regular mode doesn't pick up items in the filter
  • Removed the build competition features

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