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October 28
Tada The updates for October 28th are as follows Tada
  • Players will be automatically set to AFK after 10 minutes
  • You can now see who is AFK in the tab list
  • Auction will open all items being sold instead of categories
    • You can still pick a category by clicking the chest
  • View someones playtime with /playtime [name]
  • Fixed exp bottles from /xpbottle being thrown and not giving correct amount
  • Fixed /rtp putting players in blocks
  • Added announcements and tips to chat
    • A random one is sent every 30 minutes
  • Added a command to see what world you are in /worldinfo
  • Added placing sand to builder job
  • Separated the /xpbottle command from the Keep EXP perk
    • Anyone that already bought it will not need to buy the bottle command
  • Lottery changes
    • Added command to claim all tickets in your inventory /lottery claim
    • You can now bulk buy up to 9 random tickets /lottery buyrandom [amount]
    • If you don't have inventory space when buying tickets they will now drop on the ground instead of disappearing
    • Tickets will only tell you if they are a winner when claiming to reduce chat spam
    • Each player can have up to 216 (4 double chests) tickets per draw
    • Draws now happen at every odd hour (1am, 3am, 5am, etc..) instead of even since the server restarts at 12am
    • Added a command to see the current jackpot /lottery status
  • Added chest transporters
    • This is a free quality of life feature for everyone
    • Read this guide Chest Transporters for how they work

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