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October 19
Tada The updates for October 19th are as follows Tada

  • Fixed blocks from disappearing when a town fell
  • Fixed crops growing faster then normal
  • Fixed grass spreading faster then normal
  • Fixed ocelots not spawning Tiger
  • Disabled McMMO Call of the Wild
  • Fixed snow golems not producing snow layers
  • Mob griefing is now enabled for main world, so make sure explosions are off in your town if you don't want your town blown up by mobs
  • Ghost blocks within a 6 block radius around you will be auto fixed so you don't have to relog
  • You can now have up to 16 banner layers instead of the default 6
    • This is a perk that costs 80k
  • Lowered the price of sign colors to 80k
  • Fixed **EMEMY BLEEDING** spamming the action bar
  • Sugar cane and other multiple block crops will only pay you if you break each block, hitting the bottom block doesn't count as you breaking the rest, there's nothing we can do to fix this

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